Projects and tasks

Planning is the first step to success. With Wopie you can plan your project right down to the details. You're able to create as many tasks as you need for each of your projects, which you may arrange according to your needs. You can not only specify duration, but also for priority and completion status for all tasks.

Projects and tasks - Wopie

Tasks on the board

Divide the tasks into relevant groups of your choice and create a task organizer that suits you. By being able to move tasks with a simple drag and drop, you can easily arrange the tasks according to what suits you.

  • Filter and organise tasks by selected categories
  • Easily drag tasks to move
  • Edit tasks directly in the dashboard
Projects and tasks - Board | Wopie
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Organize your time in task calendar

With the help of Wopie's task calendar, you're able to organise your time better, thanks to which you'll never encounter
tasks overlapping between projects.

Convert your project to an invoice

Thanks to Wopie, you can export jobs into an invoice or a quote, so you're never in a position where your time spent working is not accounted for. If the invoice still does not fully suit you, you can additionally modify the tasks, add your own items, or modify the appearance.

  • Export project into an invoice
  • Export project into quote
  • Division of billed and unbilled tasks
  • Additional invoice editing options
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Projects and tasks - Export | Wopie Generating invoices and quotations from a project | Wopie
Projects and tasks - Report | Wopie

Easy to make
project reports

Use professional project outputs with Wopie and send your client a project report including the invoice.

  • Export current project status
  • Project output in PDF format
  • Export selected parts of the project

And there's much more!

Projects and tasks

Wopie serves a purpose of providing you with a detailed overview of what you need to do to drive your projects to completion. Additionally, what sub tasks and their deadlines await you in order to deliver the work successfully and on time.

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Projects and tasks -

Activity and tracking

Wopie always has a perfect overview of what awaits you. It is an essential tool to keep your time well managed. Thanks to the task scheduler, you will not miss any deadlines and you will always be able to correctly determine the priority of each of your projects. You can export all data from the tasks directly into the invoice for your client.

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Client database

Wopie provides you with an intuitive client management setting. You can import, edit and then export clients as needed. You keep a clear record of them, including related projects. Client card information is automatically uploaded to your documents and invoices.

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Projects and tasks -

Orders and invoices

The Invoices feature must never be missing from your chosen business management software. Wopie can automatically export data directly from projects into the invoice, including the time worked for the client, thus making issuing the invoice significantly faster and easier.

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